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Add Value Without Compromising Price

Adding Value Instead of Offering Discounts? Protect your existing revenue streams and create new ones by adding value…

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Most of us may think that the easiest way to attract more business is to discount pricing. While that approach may work in the short term, it normally carries significant long-term consequences that will impact overall revenues and profit margins. Truly successful promotions should be based on adding value instead of compromising pricing. This way, you have the opportunity to positively affect your customer’s value perception of your products while introducing them to new service offerings at the same time. Oh – and did I mention that we never had to reduce the retail price of the original base product?

Create some value- added promotions and try them out aggressively for a limited time. If your meeting rooms need more usage, add a one time meeting space offer to your virtual packages. If you want to promote the use of video conferencing in your meeting spaces – add a one time free use …

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PMG Essentials

Sales and Marketing Tools Designed for Workspace Providers

Pirrotti Marketing Group Introduces Essentials: A Suite of Sales And Marketing Tools Designed Specifically For Workspace Providers.

 Subscription-based PMG “Essentials” – tools to boost Virtual Office and Serviced Office revenue.

NEW YORK – September 10, 2013 – Pirrotti Marketing Group LLC, a full-service marketing firm with specific expertise in the workspace-as-a-service category, recently announced a new suite of affordable subscription services for workspace providers to maximize Virtual Office and Office revenue.

Pirrotti Marketing Group’s expanded product line now consists of a Virtual Office Essentials toolkit created to support workspace providers in pricing, while promoting and converting a powerhouse Virtual Office product line. For workspace providers looking to increase office sales, PMG’s Office Essentials offers cost-effective tools workspace providers quickly implement to generate more leads and increase conversion.

Andrea Pirrotti, CEO of Pirrotti Marketing Group says, “I have personally built, executed and optimized marketing programs to drive revenue and maximize profitability for 800 workspace locations across 65 countries, since 1999.  The strategic roadmap PMG Essentials developed is beneficial for single and multi-location workspace providers giving them access to the same …

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Sept Blog

Let Your Channel Partners Market Your Promos for You!

Always ensure your channel partner knows all about your specials and promotions.

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Many of you are running creative promotions for your virtual office and meeting space products at certain times. Those promotions probably work well for you and generate the desired results – but are you realizing their full potential or are you limiting the size of audience you reach?

 You channel partners are experts at casting a national (in some cases even global) marketing and advertising net to attract virtual office clients and meeting space reservations – just think how successful your promotions could be if positioned properly with your channel partners?

 Some of Davinci’s Partner Center Network member locations have been receiving large amounts of business during the past few months by doing exactly that – extending their summer promotions (or even creating specific ones for this very purpose) to Davinci and let them promote their offers with global advertising campaigns.

 Actually, some operators were …

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Meeting Space is Hot…But You Need to Book & Charge for it!

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Fact: Average Reservation Duration*: 3hrs plus

Average Retail Price*: $108.00

Challenge: Your Average Occupancy Rate: 25% – 50% in most cases

Opportunity: Potential Missed Revenues: $1440 to $2160 per meeting space (per month) * Based on stats from over 20,000 meeting space reservations

Meeting space can be a very profitable asset and should be marketed aggressively outside of an office business center’s customer base. As you well know, your day offices, conference and board rooms carry a significant amount of overhead and it is only good business to ensure that these spaces are occupied with paying customers as often as possible.

Here are some trends and facts that may help you improve your overall meeting space offerings to enhance a your great revenue source.                 Mobile Worker Trend: Extended Work Schedules  Meeting Space User Solution: Extended Time Access to Meeting Facilities

                Mobile Worker Trend: More Flexible Work Spaces Meeting Space User …

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Virtual Slider

Creating a Compelling Virtual Strategy

Capturing your share of the 65 million Americans who can now make a workspace decision. 

Back in 1999, 1% represented the percentage of white-collar knowledge workers who had the authority to make an office space decision. Fast forward to today and the traditional forces of change: globalization, shifting of social norms, technology and competition have made that limited 1% audience a thing of the past.

Welcome to a Business 2 Consumer world where 40% of the workforce is at your doorstep and your client’s decision criteria involve the individual, his/her family and the business. As your audience has completely evolved in a new direction, so must your product, your pricing and  your strategies for both lead generation and conversion. Are you ready?

Via a webinar series, Andrea Pirrotti from Pirrotti Marketing will address the key steps workspace providers must take to evolve their offering and target this new, expanded audience.  This webinar focuses on the Virtual Product Line Strategy including Packaging, Pricing, Promotion and Distribution Channels.

Sign up today and get ready to seize your share of the market. Click …

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Generate More Revenue with Your Technology Products: Secrets Revealed!

It couldn’t be a better time for your workspace to generate more revenue with the products and services you offer. With a strategic approach and the right tools, the opportunity is yours!

Let’s start with a few basic questions.

Why do clients choose you? Workspace clients consistently choose their workspace based on location. Additional influences include price, the people, culture or vibe, and technology. Since your location is static, workspaces must offer a competitive price.

How do people work? 30 million white-collar knowledge workers work from a third place. By 2020, 56 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors comprising of 40% of business. Supporting business and work style needs is complex. Workspace operators must provide workspace + services + technology that enhances performance.

What does this exactly mean to you? Competition is everywhere. There are new influxes of new workspace types entering the marketplace daily. Venues such as Starbucks, hotels and coworking are influencing factors on your price that you can’t ignore. If you continue to do business the same way—your business will suffer. Make your workspace a …

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Set Your Virtual Office Products Soaring

Always ensure your channel partner knows all your virtual office products.

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Provide your channel partners an extensive description of your area, building, spaces, culture and anything great about what you have to offer – the more the better! (Remember – the channel partner staff is remote and needs to know all about you.) Include information on area attractions, public transportation, traffic directions, parking, unique benefits & services, catering/food options in and around your building, and anything about your area/location.

List the contact info and responsibilities of your staff at each location: who sets up virtual clients, who can guide tours, who reserves meeting space, who sells full time space, who does billing, who are the owners, managers, etc. (Please include pictures of your staff if you have them – put a face with the name.)

What are your access hours/hours of operations, do you have after-hours options or weekend options, building/access security details, mailing restrictions and mailing services, business services available, special needs access? List whatever makes …

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Igniting Workspace Success

More Revenue. More Satisfied Clients. Greater ROI.

Pirrotti Marketing Group has teamed up with WUN Systems, Inc. to provide workspace providers a powerhouse marketing toolkit to:

(1) Achieve a Competitive Advantage (2) Create NEW Revenue Streams (3) Increase Conversion (4) WOW Clients!

This unique subscription program includes:

• One-on-One Kick off Meeting: During this 30-minute kick off session, you’ll lean how to use WUN REV to achieve a competitive advantage and generate maximum revenue from your WUN products.

• Your Product and Pricing Guide: Provide clients with a staircase of compelling voice and data products. A pricing guide will be provided for WUN REV clients to adapt as required to the local market.

• Client Communication Program: When you have WUN “inside,” you provide clients with an industry leading, enterprise-grade Voice and Data platform. The next step is to let your clients know just how powerful the platform is, and how they will use it to maximize productivity. The Communication Program package includes:

COMMUNICATION ROLL OUT PLAN The roll out plan includes the program overview along with a timeline.

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Top 5 Marketing Musts to Fuel 2013

Driving efficiencies into your marketing process is critical to achieve optimal ROI. A shotgun marketing approach may yield some quick hits, but will not serve your well in the long run. Here are 5 tips to jump start 2013.

(1) Stop Commoditizing Your Offering

A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. If Orville Redenbacher was able to differentiate corn kernels, you can absolutely differentiate your offering. You have a lot more to work with.

Action:  Review the text on your website and your brochures. If you are competing on fully furnished staffed and equipped offices, on-demand and with flexible terms – then you have commoditized your offering. Dig down deep and ask yourself and your team what it is that makes your offering different. And, while you’re at it, ask your clients. Use Survey Monkey (or another online questionnaire service) to find out why your clients chose you and whether you are delivering on that promise.  The info you gain will be invaluable. 57% of clients I …

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OBC Client Needs

38%+ of OBC clients have a need for additional products and services

It’s true; on average 38% of OBC clients have a need for additional workspace and services. This need can be uncovered via a simple semi-annual client satisfaction questionnaire.  I like to use Survey Monkey to administer the questionnaire – but other tools are available as well.

When I create questionnaires I build them with two objectives.  The first is to underscore the operators’ commitment to the client and the second is to uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Historically, when I capture results from the questionnaires, the satisfaction level is typically quite high.  I also include a question to determine whether the operator is adding value to the clients’ businesses. I  get a huge smile if I can uncover this statistic because it reinforces that the operator is providing much more than a “box” to work from, the operator is adding value / contributing positively to their clients’ businesses (a good sound byte to use during the sales process to get out of the price death spiral)!  Another interesting stat is that in most cases 97%+ of clients would refer the operator …

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