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Let Your Channel Partners Market Your Promos for You!

Always ensure your channel partner knows all about your specials and promotions.

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Many of you are running creative promotions for your virtual office and meeting space products at certain times. Those promotions probably work well for you and generate the desired results – but are you realizing their full potential or are you limiting the size of audience you reach?

 You channel partners are experts at casting a national (in some cases even global) marketing and advertising net to attract virtual office clients and meeting space reservations – just think how successful your promotions could be if positioned properly with your channel partners?

 Some of Davinci’s Partner Center Network member locations have been receiving large amounts of business during the past few months by doing exactly that – extending their summer promotions (or even creating specific ones for this very purpose) to Davinci and let them promote their offers with global advertising campaigns.

 Actually, some operators were able to more than double the amount of business they received during the normally slower summer months that way. The morale of the story – if you are running specials or promos – please extend them to your channel partners where possible and ask them to highlight your offers aggressively. You’ll be glad you did…

Here’s to a great summer!


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Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the global provider of over 900 well-known business addresses, great live receptionist services and 3,000+ fully equipped meeting spaces. For more information please visit or or call: 801-990-9200.

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