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Meeting Space is Hot…But You Need to Book & Charge for it!

Working with Channel Partners: Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual

Average Reservation Duration*:
3hrs plus

Average Retail Price*:

Your Average Occupancy Rate:
25% – 50% in most cases

Potential Missed Revenues:
$1440 to $2160 per meeting space (per month)
* Based on stats from over 20,000 meeting space reservations

Meeting space can be a very profitable asset and should be marketed aggressively outside of an office business center’s customer base. As you well know, your day offices, conference and board rooms carry a significant amount of overhead and it is only good business to ensure that these spaces are occupied with paying customers as often as possible.

Here are some trends and facts that may help you improve your overall meeting space offerings to enhance a your great revenue source.

                Mobile Worker Trend:
Extended Work Schedules 
Meeting Space User Solution: Extended Time Access to Meeting Facilities

                Mobile Worker Trend: More Flexible Work Spaces
Meeting Space User Solution: Day Office, Lounge, Flex Configurations for Meeting Space

                Mobile Worker Trend: Want it Now – Need it Now     
Meeting Space User Solution: Instant Access to Services, Shorter Reservation Intervals

                Mobile Worker Trend: Virtual Meetings / Collaboration     
Meeting Space User Solution: Video Conferencing, Conference Calling, Collab Tools

                Mobile Worker Trend: Internet Access Anywhere     
Meeting Space User Solution: Affordable, Fast Connections, “Pay as you Go”  

How do you attract more meeting room business? Market your space proactively in your business communities and regional markets and make sure to work with your channel partners to list your meeting space inventory on their sites to ensure maximum exposure. Price your space aggressively and offer convenient a la carte add-on services.

We also have recognized an interesting difference in the demographic make-up between a retail meeting space client and a traditional virtual office client. While the virtual office client base still is made up of mostly small to midsize businesses, the retail meeting space market seems to attract a quickly growing number of enterprise companies. You know that that is the type of client you want using your space!

Finally, communicate frequently with your channel partner and make sure they are listing all your meeting spaces, services and related information properly, provide as many tagged pictures and details about your spaces as possible, communicate any applicable updates immediately and make sure you are on their mind at all times.


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